Young up-and-coming talent

The outdoor brasserie Raphaël takes place at the back of the garden, under the apple trees and at the cherry tree, between the delicious scents of our own herb garden. In this romantic setting you can reserve a table and enjoy bold, deep and tangy flavors. The brasserie likes dishes from the wood oven, the smoker or straight from the open fire.

Brasserie Raphaël is carried by a beautiful couple who know our house style through and through. You will immediately experience the soul for gastronomy with the warm welcome of hostess Kelly Ponjaert and the passion of chef Pieter van Rompaey will move you with every bite. Both are children of the sea and are blessed to develop themselves creatively in this unique setting.

Als het slecht weer is wordt het gecommuniceerd via de site of social. Jullie zitten sowieso onder een tent dus bij regen kan dit perfect doorgaan, als het wat frisser is gewoon extra pulletje aan.

  • Opening hours: Thursday / Friday / Saturday: 12 noon to 9 pm. Sunday: 12 noon to 3 pm.
  • 2 shifts: 12 noon - 3 pm / 6 pm - 9 pm (on Sunday until 3 pm).
  • Only tables of max 4, if your own bubble is larger than 4, more people are allowed at 1 table.
  • Reservation is required and can be done via this link.
  • Kitchen = brasserie cuisine à la carte and according to the daily offer: oysters, crab, lobster, fish and meat of the day, fish and meat charcuterie, buratta, bruscetta, etc


Boutique Raphaël is closing its doors, you can still order a bisqueBOX or aperoBAG. Pick-up is possible during the opening hours of brasserie Raphaël.

Our bisqueBOX combined with a delicious sourdough bread lets you taste the gold of the sea. Enjoy the delicious fish sarcuterie from the aperoBAG while you dive barefoot into the dunes.

  • You can order via or 058 / 59.62.21
  • Bisquebox: 1L bisque, 1 sourdough bread, coffee cream, stockfish butter, smoked herring and 2 bottles of Oud Bruin. 40 euros / 2P.
  • Aperobag: different types of fish sarcuterie according to the daily offer, 1 canvas bag Denis Meyers and 1 bottle of BRU. Can be supplemented with an aperitif of your choice. 55 euros / 2P.
BAR Raphaël

Bar Raphaël is closing its doors for the time being, our focus is now on the restaurant Willem Hiele and the outdoor brasserie Raphaël.