After completing his training as a baker and pastry chef, Willem attended a one-year chef and waiter adult training course. He then taught himself the skills to develop his locally anchored cooking style for which he is known today. Mad about taste and passionate about his products, Willem has a strong vision of gastronomy and a weakness for local suppliers.



Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Shannah Zeebroek swapped her career as a teacher and pharmacy assistant to run the restaurant together with Willem, a move she never regretted, not even for one second. Like Willem, she is self-taught. Shannah makes inspired choices as a hostess and as a sommelier because of her own personal experience and journey.


2018 - April

Top 100+ European Restaurants on OAD list: Willem is proud to make it on this international list.

2018 - January

As a champion of North Sea fish, Willem becomes a member of the NorthSeaChefs and will contribute as a member of the research team until (at least) 2020.

2017 - November

The score of 15/20 is confirmed in Gault & Millau 2018, with Willem Hiele receiving no fewer than 3 toques! There is also a first mention in the Michelin Guide 2018 with a Michelin plate.

2016 - November

Willem Hiele obtains Gault & Millau recognition as ‘Discovery of the year 2017’ with 2 toques and a score of 15/20. This provides the necessary boost to further expand the restaurant.

2015 - June

Willem and Shannah decide to focus primarily on Fine Dining. They swap the home cooking concepts for their dream restaurant in Willem's family fisherman's cottage in Koksijde.

2012 - August

'Willem Hiele - Concepts in Cooking' is launched: in addition to home cooking, Willem and Shannah also specialise in customised catering concepts for events, wedding parties and food festivals. At the same time, they plan an evening meals service for a limited number of guests.

2012 - January

Willem and Shannah prepare to translate their passion for good food and quality products into a business.